Experiment in New Ways

You may think of science as bubbling beakers and frog dissections, but it's really much more than that. Science is a process, it primarily involves the use of the scientific method to help us conduct experiments, form hypotheses (or predictions about the experiments outcome) and to prove or disprove these hypotheses using solid evidence and research. Science is ongoing and ever changing, and each new discovery brings us another step closer to discovering more about the universe we live in.


Learn While You Play

Technology is when we use what we have learned and apply it to the creation of useful tools and applications that can advance the society we live in. From calculators to computers, technology helps us communicate, construct, and assist us with our daily needs. It emphasizes the transportation of information from one source to another and accelerates innovation.



Create Something Unbelievable

Engineering combines the worlds of science and math to help us solve problems in a practical approach.You can thanks engineers for such wonders as the Pyramids of Giza, the Eiffel Tower, and the Parthenon. To engineer literally means "to make things happen" and engineering's main focus is to maintain and improve the quality of our lives. Engineering has a broad spectrum, including electrical, mechanical, and biomedical just to name a few.


Feel Accomplished

Mathematics is associated with shapes, quantities, arrangements, and of course, numbers. Math is a part of every piece of our lives from the numbered exits on a highway, to figuring out how many calories are in your favorite treat. The Sumerians were the first known civilization to develop a counting system, but the Greeks were responsible for more advanced theories such as the Pythagorean and Ptolemy Theorems. Eventually, mathematicians in Europe began developing the building blocks for calculus and other advanced equations, and the rest is history.