Massachusetts Project Lead the Way STEM Conference

Project Lead The Way’s world-class, activity-, project-, problem-based STEM curriculum and high-quality teacher professional development, combined with an engaged network of partners, help students develop the skills to succeed in our global economy. PLTW’s programs include Launch for grades K-5; Gateway for grades 6-8; Engineering, Biomedical Science, and Computer Science for grades 9-12. Over 7,000 schools in all 50 states offer PLTW programs, including over 60 schools across Massachusetts. WPI is one of PLTW’s 52 affiliate universities and offers Core Training each summer to prepare educators to teach PLTW courses.
Join us for this professional development conference for school counselors, curriculum specialists, principals, teachers, district administrators, and interested business, industry and workforce development professionals. Come learn about the PLTWCurriculum Programs that integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, providing an opportunity for districts to develop a STEM pathway from kindergarten through grade 12. PLTW programs are aligned with the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. Hear from teachers, administrators and students at schools with successful programs. The conference is open to all K-12 schools and other interested parties.
PLTW programs are endorsed by Change the Equation, the American Aerospace Industry Association, the American Society for Engineering Education, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, and others. For more information about the Project Lead The Way programs, please visit the PLTW website at