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We search the internet for the best activities you can try right now!

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Virtual Frog Dissection

A great informative tool for those who might be a bit too squeamish for the real activity.

Kinetic City

Science games for students in grades 3-5. Website requires free registration.

Made With Code

Learn basic coding skills through fun activities like a gif maker, accessorizer, and music mixer. Sponsored by Google.

A non-profit website that aims to teach kids and adults the basics of coding to help them better understand computer science and advance their future.

Or Try an Experiment at Home!

Science Bob

A website full of DIY activities like making your own rock candy, volcano, and even a hovercraft you can ride on! 

Science Kids

A variety of activities such as building your own parachute, tornado in a bottle, and the classic Mentos and Coke explosive reaction!

Buzzfeed Life

24 kids science experiments that adults can enjoy too! Includes crystal geodes, lava lamps, and more.

10 cool experiments you may have never seen before. For example theres one experiment that shows the Len's law in action!